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The Deemsters

The name Deemster derives from 'doom' or judgement and the title of Deemster is given to the Island's judges.

There are three full-time judges on the Isle of Man known as 'Deemsters'.

Chief Judge of the High Court of Justice

The First Deemster and Clerk of the Rolls is the Chief Judge of the island's High Court of Justice and, in the absence of the Governor, acts as Deputy Governor.

Deemster David Doyle

Ancient Origins

The office of Deemster is of very ancient origin.  The name is derived from the 'doom' or judgement which, before written records were kept, the Deemster gave as 'Breast Law'. 


At the Tynwald Ceremony it still remains the duty of the Deemsters to promulgate Acts of Tynwald (officially declare new laws) in both Manx and English. They read aloud the title of each Act and a memorandum containing a brief statement from Tynwald Hill. 

Current Deemsters


First Deemster and Clerk of the Rolls
David Doyle QC, 2010-Present

Second Deemster
Andrew Corlett, 2011-Present

Criminal Deemster
Alastair Montgomerie, 2011-Present