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The House of Keys

The Parliament of the Isle of Man consists of two branches - The House of Keys and the Legislative Council


The House of Keys is the Lower Branch of Tynwald and is directly elected by the people of the Isle of Man; a General Election is held every five years. 

In exceptional circumstances, however, the House could be dissolved and a General Election held within that period. 


For many centuries, it has had a membership of twenty-four (in Manx, 'Kiare as Feed'), although when the Kingdom of Mann and the Isles existed, it had representatives from the Hebrides and numbered thirty-two.

The current Members of the House of Keys were sworn in on the 27th September 2016.

Arbory, Castletown and Malew

Hon Graham Derek Cregeen MHK

Jason Robert Moorhouse MHK

Ayre and Michael

Timothy Simon Baker MHK

Hon Alfred Louis Cannan MHK

Douglas Central

Catherine Ann Corlett MHK

Hon Christopher Charles Thomas MHK

Douglas East

Clare Louise Bettison MHK

Christopher Roy Robertshaw MHK

Douglas North

David John Ashford MHK

George Ralph Peake MHK

Douglas South

Hon Kathleen Joan Beecroft MHK

Hon William Mackay Malarkey MHK


Daphne Hilary Penelope Caine MHK

Martyn John Perkins MHK

Glenfaba and Peel

Hon Geoffrey George Boot MHK

Hon Ray Karl Harmer MHK


Hon Robert Howard Quayle MHK

William Catto Shimmins MHK


Rob Edward Callister MHK

Julie Marie Edge MHK


Alexander John Allinson MHK

Lawrie Lee Hooper MHK


Hon Laurence David Skelly MHK

Hon Juan Paul Watterson SHK