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The Legislative Council

The Upper Branch of Tynwald is The Legislative Council, and its members are elected by members of The House of Keys.


The Legislative Council is the Upper Branch of Tynwald. It consists of eleven members: eight elected by the House of Keys and three ex officio members - the President of Tynwald, the Lord Bishop of Sodor and Man and Her Majesty's Attorney General.


The term 'Sodor' in the Bishop's title refers to the medieval diocese, which used to include the Hebrides, also known as the 'Sudreys' or Southern Isles (as opposed to the 'Nordreys' i.e.  the Orkneys and Shetland).  Historically, the Bishop was a Baron and, as a Lord Spiritual, a member of Tynwald.


The eight members of the Legislative Council that are elected by the House of Keys have terms which expire in the February following the fourth anniversary of the date of election.

Although elected by the Keys (not infrequently from among its own members) the elected members of the Legislative Council are not controlled by, or delegates of, the House of Keys.


Hon Stephen Charles Rodan MLC, President of Tynwald

Bishop of Sodor and Man - Richard Blackburn, Bishop of Warrington (acting Bishop during vacancy)

Attorney General - John Quinn QC HMAG

Juan Richard Turner MLC

Tony Peter Wild MLC

Charles Geoffrey Corkish MLC

Michael Ronald Coleman MLC

David Clifford Cretney MLC

Robert William Henderson MLC

Timothy Mark Crookall MLC

David Moore Anderson MLC