HM Queen 2

The Queen, Lord of Mann

The Queen is referred to on the Island as 'Lord of Mann' and is officially represented by the Lieutenant Governor.

QueenIn History

For many centuries the Stanley family (the Earls of Derby) were feudal Kings or Lords of Mann, but in 1765, the Island was purchased by the British Crown.

The Queen's Title

Her Majesty The Queen is therefore Lord Proprietor of the Island and is formally referred to on the Island as 'The Queen, Lord of Mann.'


The Monarch is officially represented on the Island by the Lieutenant Governor - a position that for many years saw the Governor as the executive head of the Government.

However changes have been made to the role and these powers of office have been transferred to the Council of Ministers or other departments.   

Today the position of Lieutenant Governor is largely ceremonial, although he does retain some important constitutional duties.

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