Legislation 1

Tynwald Structure

Tynwald is the Island's parliament and consists of two branches - the House of Keys and the Legislative Council.

The High Court of Tynwald is the parliament of the Isle of Man, and has two branches: the Legislative Council and the House of Keys. They sit separately to consider legislation, but also together in Douglas and annually at St John's, for other parliamentary purposes.


Bills are considered seperately by the two branches of parliament.  They must be passed by both the Legislative Council and the House of Keys and then signed by a majority of each branch when sitting together in Tynwald. They must then receive Her Majesty's Royal Assent before becoming law in the Isle of Man. 

Tynwald Court 

When the branches sit together in the Tynwald Chamber in Douglas, they form the Tynwald Court.  Tynwald Court authorises the expenditure of the Isle of Man Government and scrutinises its administration.