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The Manx Rivers

Rivers of the Isle of Man

Rising amongst the hills and following the course of these glens are numerous streams, which, radiating in all directions, water the country in all parts except the extreme north.  Being mountain streams and of small size they are, in great part, dried up in summer; while in winter and during heavy rains they are subject to sudden and destructive floods.

  • Ballacottier River
  • Baldwin River
  • Blaber River
  • Colby River
  • Cornaa River
  • Crogga River
  • Foxdale River
  • Glen Auldlyn River
  • Glenmaye River
  • Glenroy River
  • Greeba River
  • Groudle River
  • Killane River
  • Laxey River
  • River Dhoo
  • River Glass
  • River Neb
  • Silver Burn
  • Santon Burn
  • Sulby River
  • The Douglas River
  • The Lhen Trench