Timeline: 100 BC - 1500 AD

Centuries of battles, invasions, monarchs and construction has helped to shape the Island.

54 BC      Caesar names the Isle of Man 'Mona'
400-500   Missionaries arrive from Ireland
490   Following the death of Dumnagual Hen, Isle of Man (Ynys Manaw) becomes independent from the Kingdom of Strathclyde
550   King Senyllt of Galwyddel flees to Island
626   King Edwin of Deira invades the Island
720   After the death of Welsh King Rhain of Rhainw, Prince Sandde moves to Island and marries the island kingdom's heiress, Princess Celemion
740   Death of King Iudgual of Ynys Manaw (Isle of Man). He is succeeded by his nephew, Prince Elidyr
700-800  Gwriad rules the Island
850-950   The first Norse settlements in Mann
825   Merfyn, son of Gwwriad, leaves the Island
836   King Merfyn Frych is absent in his newly acquired Kingdom of Gwynedd, Irish Viking invaders manage to take over the island.
858   Nennius (Welsh man) names Island Eubonia
870   Battle of Santwat
900   The Round Tower was built at Peel Castle
900   Vikings built a fort on St Patricks Isle
950-1079   Mann and Hebrides was ruled by a King of the Isles
1050   Manx bishopric was established
1066   King Godred Sygtrygsson sheltered Godred "Crovan"
1079   Battle of Scacafell (Skyhill) was won by Godred Crovan, who became King of Mann and the Isles
1095   Death of Godred, King of Man and the Isles.
1098   Civil war in Man
1100   St Michael's Chapel built
1100   Myreseough monastery founded in Lezayre
1103   Death of King Magnus Barefoot
1134   King Olaf founded Rushen Abbey and granted the land to the Sauvignac monks of Furness Abbey
1147   Rushen Abbey came under Cistercian rule
1156   Battle of Colonsay and loss of Mull and Islay
1190   Foundation of Castle Rushen
1200   Expedition of King Haakin, Norwegian overlord, and his defeat at the Battle of Largs
1228    King Olaf's fleet burnt at Peel by Reginald
1228   Battle of Tynwald and death and defeat of Reginald
1229-1247   Building of St. Germains Cathedral
1229   Bishop Simon's Diocesan Synod at Braddan
1237   Olaf died
1257   Chronicles of Mann written at Rushen Abbey
1257   Building works on Rushen Abbey completed
1264   Treaty of Dumfries transferred islands to Scotland
1266   Treaty of Perth transferred Mann to Scotland
1275   King Alexander of Scotland defeated the Manx at the Battle of Ronaldsway
1291   Bishop Mark's Synod
1299   Bishop Mark expelled and Island under Papal interdict
1313   Capture of Castle Rushen by Robert the Bruce
1316   Richard de Mandeville raided and defeated the Manx at the Battle of South Barrule
1350   Commencement of sandstone castle at Peel
1350 Monks' Bridge built
1373   Franciscan Friary established at Bemaken, Ballabeg
1395   Le Scrope, King of Mann, used Three Legs emblem as signatory to Anglo-French Treaty
1405   Grant of Mann by King Henry IV to Sir John Stanley
1417   First document in Statute Book refers to Claves Manniae et Claves Legis - the Keys of Mann and the Isles
1417- 1430   Series of important Tynwald Courts and firm establishment of Stanley regime
1456   Last Scottish attack on Mann
1485   Thomas Stanley II ennobled as 1st Earl of Derby