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Women's First Names

Women's names from Aalid to Ysbal.

The names given are mostly Celtic, except those shown as (Lat.) Latin (S.) Scandinavian, (N.) Norman, (Gr.) Greek, and (Heb. ) Hebrew.

Name  Origin Meaning
Aalid, Aelid   beauty
Aalin   beautiful
Aaue (Heb.) life. Eng., Eva
Aileen, Eil[l]een, Elena   sunlight, little Eva. Eng., Helen.
Aimel (Lat. ) beloved. Eng., Emily.
Ainle (Gr.) an angel. Eng., Angela.
Ailstreena   feminine of Alister
Andreca   feminine of Andrew
Aufrica, Effrica, Averick, Aurick   a maid from Africa. Eng., Euphemia.
Bahey   flower
Bahie, Paie, Peggy   life
Blaa, Blae   flower. Flora
Breata   life
Brede, Breeshey, Bridget   shining [Bridget]
Brenta   a maid of Britain, feminine of Cretney
Bridget, Breda, Breesha   Shining. Saint's name
Caly   female servant [saint's]
Calybride   St. Bridget's servant.
Calycrist, Calycrista   Christ's servant.
Calyhony   Saint Oney's servant.
Calypatrick   St. Patrick's servant.
Calyree   the king's servant.
Calyvorra   Saint Mary's servant.
Cara   a songster
Carree   music
Carola   noble spirited
Catreena, Catreeney   pure [Catherine]
Cissolt   little Cecilia, Cissie (Lat.). Fem. of Cecil.
Conla   feminine of Conal.
Cossot   little Constance. (Lat.), meaning constant.
Creena   wise or prudent one
Crera   faithful
Cristeena, Cristory   of Christ
Diorval   true oath
Doona   dark maiden
Drema   one who endeavours
Ealee, Ealish   noble
Ealisaid (Heb) god's oath. Eng., Elizabeth.
Emell   variant of Aimel (Lat.).
Essa   of Jesus
Eunys   joy. Eng., Eunice.
Feena   fair maiden
Fenella, Fin[g]ola   fair shoulder
Francaig (S.)  ree. Eng., Francis
Fritha   peace
Grayse   grace
Greeba   place name
Inot (Heb.)  worship
Iney, Ina   a daughter
Isot   of Jesus
Jinn, Joan, Joney, Joannia   grace
Johnet   feminine of John
Jonee, Joney, Jony   grace
Juliana, Julia (Lat.)  of royal descent
Katryna, Kathleen   dim. Cattie
Lilee   lily
Lora   sufficient
Lula, Lulach (Lat.) shining
Malane   magnificent [Madeline]
Manana   feminine of Mannanan
Margaid (S.)  a pearl. Eng. Margaret.
Mariot, Marion, Moreen, Mariod   little Mary
Mawde   contraction of Matilda or Magdalene. (See Malane.)
Meave   a fairy queen
Moira, Moirrey, Voirrey (Heb.) bitter [Mary]
Mona   the Isle of Man
More   great
Moreen   little Mary
Mureal   sea bright
Nan, Nancy (Heb.) gracious
Nessa, Nessy (Heb.)   secret
Onnee   grace [Annie]
Onnor, Onora, Nora (Lat.) honourable
Paaie   Peggy
Ranhilda (S.) God's fight. Eng. Rachael.
Ratyn   metathetic form of Ranyd. (See Ranhilda-Rachael).
Rein[a]   a queen
Renny   a fern
Roseen   little rose
Sheela   form of Cecilia
Sorcha   bright
Tissot (Gr.)  a gleaner.
Tosha   the first
Una   a lamb
Ursula   little wolf
Vorana   great
Vorgel   an oath, testimony. Dorothy.
Ysbal, Isbal   form of Isabel

 Acknowledgements: Phill Kelly & Manx National Heritage