Men's First Names

Men's names from Abban to Yvon.

The names given are mostly Celtic, except those shown as (Lat.) Latin (S.) Scandinavian, (N.) Norman, (Gr.) Greek, and (Heb. ) Hebrew.

Name  Origin Meaning
Abban   a Manx saint.
Adaue (Heb.) Adam , red earth.
Aedan   little fire (has developed into the Manx surname Kaye, Quaye; and Kee in the north)
Albyn (Scotland) (Colvin).
Aldyn   wild
Aleyn, Aland (S.) famed ruler
Alister (Gr.) defending men
Allowe   probably the Irish Ailbhe, Alvy.
Altar, Waltar   diminutive Watt (Qualtrough and Watterson).
Andreays   a man [Andrew]
Anghus   unique choice
Art, Arteure   a king
Asketil (S.) holy vessel
Aslac (S.) lacking of the gods
Asmund (S.) gift of the gods
Aspallan (S.) steps of the gods
Austeyn (Lat.) venerable
Baran (S.) a baron
Bertram (S.), Bertrem   bright raven
Biorn (S.) wolf
Brendan   dark person
Bretnach, Bretan   a Briton
Cairbe, Carbry   virtuous love
Cane, Cian   one who weeps
Carmac, Carmick, Cormac   a charioteer
Caroly   noblespirited
Cashin   love
Colby   place name
Colla   highest
Colum   a dove
Colyn   a whelp
Connaghyn   prosperity
Conylt, Conal   love
Coobragh   known famously; a saint's name. Eng., Cuthbert.
Cooil   courageous
Cristen, Cristal, Custal   belonging to Christ
Crosse   a cross. A Patrick name now obsolete.
Dermot, Germot, Diarmid   God reverencing
Dofnald   See Donald
Dogan   little dark man. A Malew personal name
Dolen   variation of Donald
Dolyn, Dollin, Dolen   variation of Donald [world ruler]
Donal   world ruler, variants, Dolyn, Dollin. The chief clan name of Michael
Doncan, Donachan   brown warrior
Donn   brown man
Doolish, Douglas   place name
Dugal, Dooil, Dufgal   dark stranger
Eaghan   a horseman
Eamon (S.) happy peace
Ector   a stout defender
Edard (S.) happy keeper
Eoin, Ean, Ewan, Yvon   well born
Erling (S.) a little earl
Faragher   supreme choice
Fayrhare (S.) fair-haired
Fergus   great dear one, super choice
Felys (Lat.) happy
Fiac   a crow
Filip   a lover of horses
Finbar   wave crest. Finbar was Mannanan's white steed
Finlo, Fynlo   fair Scandinavian
Fintan   a little fair one
Flan   a ruddy complexion
Flaxney   not known
Fogal   under a promise.
Franc   free
Fynn   fair
Galfrid   son of the Briton
Gavan, Gawain   a smith
Geffry, Geoffrey (S.) God's peace
German   a kinsman
Gibbon, Gilbrid, Gilbert   Bridget's servant
Gilander (St.) Andrew's servant
Gilaspic   Bishop's servant. Eng. Archibald.
Gilcolm, Gilcalm   Columba' servant.
Gilno, Dilno   saint's servant
Gilrea   servant of the King
Godred, Gorry, Orry   God's peace
Gorman (S.) spearman
Hane   aspiration of Shane. Irish,. Seaghann, John.
Harold (S.) Herald
Hugh, Hugo   studious
Illiam (S.) defending men
Inry (S.) a rich lord. Eng., Henry
Ivar (S.) famous warrior
Jamys, Hamish   beguiling
Jocelin   an Abbot of Rushen
Jole   Yule
Juan, Yuan   well born
Keird   a smith
Kieran   grey
Kerron, Kieran   grey, dark
Laurys   crowned with laurel [Laurence]
Lear   the sea
Liag   a doctor
Loghlan, Lolan, Lochlin (S.) a Scandinavian
Lonan   tonsured
Lucas (Gr.) a grove
Magnus, Manus (Lat.) great
Mannanan   god of the sea. The" traditional first king of Mann
Marcus, Markys (Lat.) a hammer
Martyn (Lat.) martial: saint's name
Mayl   like God [Michael]
Mian   good [Matthew]
Michel, Miall, Mayl (Heb.) like God
Mold (S.) earth born
Moleyn (S.) tonsored one
Monier   a mountain
Moris, Maurice (Lat.) dark coloured
Murchad   sea warrior
Nele, Niall, Nel   champion
Nellyn   little champion
Nevyn   a saint. A Lezayre name (Kneen).
Nicholas, Nichol, Nigel (Gr.) conquering people
Okerfair   our fair one
Olaf, Olave (S.) of the gods
Olyn   a whelp
Ossian, Oshin   little fawn
Ottar, Oter, Odairr (S.) twilight sword. A royal name in Mann.
Padeen   little Patrick
Paric[k], Peric[k]   a patrician, noble
Parlance   one from Spain. Derivation doubtful. Irish, Partholan; Eng., Bartholomew
Paton   little Patrick
Payl   form of Paul
Peddyr (Gr.) a rock
Quisten, Quistaghyn   solicitude
Ramsey   place name
Reginald, Reynold (S.) great counsellor. A royal name in Mann.
Rigard (S.) powerful. Eng., Richard.
Robart   form of Robert
Robyn   little Robert
Rody, Rory, Roddy   Red king
Ronan (S.) God ruler
Rory   fame ruler
Rumund   wise protection
Sandulf   sand wolf
Sharry   God's peace
Sigurd (S.) victorious one
Sigvald (S.) peace ruler
Silvester   a grove dweller
Stiurt (S.) a steersman (Scot, Stewart)
Stoill   with a will
Teige   a poet
Thomase (Heb.) a twin, form of Thomas
Thomlyn   little Thomas
Thorfin, Thorryn (S.) Thor's finder. A royal name
Thorkell, Thorgil (S.) Thor's. holy vessel
Thorulf   Thor's wolf
Urmen, Heremon, Herman (S.) a warrior
Ysaig   Isaac (Heb. ), he laugheth
Yvar, Yvor, Yveno, Ivanhoe (S.) same as Ivar
Yvon   John (See Eoin)

Acknowledgements: Phill Kelly & Manx National Heritage