Place Names

Local place names in Manx.

For the most part Manx place names are determined by geography, vegetation and environment. Some are common Gaelic terms and others originate from Scandinavian languages.

Common Gaelic terms found in local place names include:   The Scandinavian elements are not so numerous but include:;
Ard: high point Aa: river
Balley: farm, stead, place Ayre: gravel bank
Bwoaillee: fold/field By: farm, settlement
Broogh: bank Clett: rock, cliff
Carrick: rock (sea) Fell: mountain
Croit: croft Howe: headland
Cronk: hill Ness: protruberance
Faaie: homefield / flat Wick: cove, bay
Gob: point, small headland  
Garee: sourland  
Keeill: church  
Kerroo: quarterland  
Lheeanee: meadow  
Lhiargagh/Lhiargee: slope  
Magher: field  
Slieau: mountain  
Thie: house  
Traie: shore  

Towns, Villages and settlements

Castletown Balley Chashtal
Douglas Doolish
Peel Purt ny h-Inshey
Ramsey Rhumsaa
Laxey Laksaa
Port St Mary Purt le Moirrey
Port Erin Purt Chiarn
Andreas Andreas
Ballabeg Balley Beg
Ballasalla Balley Sallagh
Ballaugh Balley ny Loughey
Barregarrow Bayr Garroo
Braaid Braaid
Bride Bride
Colby Colby
Cregneash Creneash
Crosby Balley ny Croshey
Dalby Delbee
Derbyhaven Camys y Ree
Foxdale Forsdal
Glen Maye Glion Muigh
Glen Vine Glion Vian
Newtown Balley Noa
Niarbyl Yn Arbyl
Onchan Kione Droghad
Port Soderick Purt Soderick
Ronague Eairy Shynnagh
St John's Balley Keeil Eoin
Strang Strang
Sulby Sulby
Union Mills Myllin Doo Aah