Hop -tu -naa _turnip _with _witch

Hop Tu Naa

Songs sung whilst celebrating the festival.


This is old Hollantide night;  Hop-tu-naa.
The moon shines bright;   Trol-la-laa
Cock of the hens;   Hop-tu-naa.
Supper of the heifer;   Trol-la-laa
Which heifer shall we kill?  Hop-tu-naa.
The little speckled heifer.   Trol-la-laa
The fore-quarter,  Hop-tu-naa.
We'll put in the pot for you.   Trol-la-laa
The little hind quarter,  Hop-tu-naa.
Give to us, give to us.   Trol-la-laa
I tasted the broth,  Hop-tu-naa.
I scalded my tongue,   Trol-la-laa
I ran to the well,  Hop-tu-naa.
And drank my fill;   Trol-la-laa
On my way back,  Hop-tu-naa.
I met a witch cat;   Trol-la-laa
The cat began to grin,  Hop-tu-naa.
And I ran away.   Trol-la-laa
Where did you run to?  Hop-tu-naa.
I ran to Scotland.   Trol-la-laa
What were they doing there?  Hop-tu-naa.
Baking bannocks and roasting collops.   Trol-la-laa

Hop-tu-naa, Trol-la-laa.

If you are going to give us anything, give it us soon,
Or we'll be away by the light of the moon.

Hop-tu-naa, Trol-la-laa.


SHOH shenn oie Houiney;  Hop-tu-naa.
T'an eayst soilshean;   Trol-la-laa.
Kellagh ny kiarkyn;  Hop-tu-naa
Shibber ny gauin;  Trol-la-laa.
'Cre'n gauin marr mayd ?  Hop-tu-naa
Yn gauin veg vreac.   Trol-la-laa.
Yn chione kerroo,  Hop-tu-naa
Ver mayd 'sy phot diu;   Trol-la-laa.
Yn kerroo veg cooyl,  Hop-tu-naa
Cur dooin, cur dooin.   Trol-la-laa.
Hayst mee yn anvroie,  Hop-tu-naa
Scoald mee my hengey,   Trol-la-laa.
Ro'e mee gys y chibber,  Hop-tu-naa
As diu mee my haie,   Trol-la-laa.
Er my raad thie,  Hop-tu-naa
Veeit mee kayt-vuitsh;   Trol-la-laa.
Va yn chayt-scryssey,  Hop-tu-naa
As ren mee roie ersooyl.   Trol-la-laa.
Cre'n raad ren oo roie,  Hop-tu-naa
Roie mee gys Albin.   Trol-la-laa.
Cred v'ad jannoo ayns shen ?  Hop-til-naa
Fuinney bonnagyn as rostey sthalgyn.   Trol-la-laa.
Hop-tu-naa, Trol-la-laa.

MY ta shiu goll dy chur red erbee dooin, cur dooin tappee eh,
Ny vees mayd ersooyl liorish soilshey yn cayst

Hop-tu-naa, Trol-la-laa.

Regional Variations

Douglas version

Hop-tu-Naa, Hop-tu-Naa,
Jinny the witch flew over the house, to get the stick to lather the mouse.
Hop-tu-Naa, Hop-tu-Naa,
Your mother's gone away and she won't be back until the morning.

Peel version

Hop-tu-Naa, Put in the pot,
Hop-tu-Naa, Scald my trot (throat),
Hop-tu-Naa, I met an ole woman,
Hop-tu-Naa, She was baking bonnags,
Hop-tu-Naa, I asked her for a bit,
Hop-tu-Naa, She gave me a bit, as big as my toe.
Hop-tu-Naa, She dipped it in milk,
Hop-tu-Naa, She wrapped it in silk,
Hop-tu-Naa, trol-la-laa.
Jinny the witch went over the house, to catch a stick to lather the mouse.
Hop-tu-Naa, trol-la-laa.
If you don't give us something, we'll run away with the light of the moon.

Ramsey version

Hop-tu-Naa, Hop-tu-Naa.
Jinny the Witch she ate the horse,
She ate the mane and the tail of course.
Hop-tu-Naa, Hop-tu-Naa.
Jinny the Witch she ate the cow,
But how she ate it, I don't know how.
Hop-tu-Naa, Hop-tu-Naa.
Jinny the Witch she ate the sheep,
She left the wool all in a heap.
Hop-tu-Naa, Hop-tu-Naa.
Jinny the Witch she ate the hog,
She ate the cat and she ate the dog.
Hop-tu-Naa, Hop-tu-Naa.
Jinny the Witch went into the house,
She ate the ringie, she ate the mouse.
Hop-tu-Naa, Hop-tu-Naa.
Jinny the Witch, she'll soon be in view,
And if you're not careful she'll eat you too.
Hop-tu-Naa, Hop-tu-Naa.
Jinny the Witch, she's in your house,
Give us a penny and we'll chase her out.
Hop-tu-Naa, Hop-tu-Naa.
If you're going to give us something, give us it soon,
For we want to be home by the light of the moon.
Hop-tu-Naa, Hop-tu-Naa.

Castletown version

Hop-tu-naa, trol-la-laa,
Jinny the witch went over the house to fetch a stick to lather the mouse.
Hop-tu-naa, Trol-la-laa.
I went to London,
What did you see there?
I saw a lady baking cakes,
I asked for one, she gave me two.
The best o' woman I ever knew.
Hop-tu-naa, trol-la-laa.