Numbers & Times

Practice your numbers and telling the time in Manx.


Nane (nen)  =  One
Jees  =  Two
Tree  =  Three
Kiare (care)  =  Four
Queig (kweg)  =  Five
Shey  =  Six
Shiaght (shakt)  =  Seven
Hoght  =  Eight
Nuy  =  Nine
Jeih (j-eye)  =  Ten
Nane jeig (nen-jeg)  =  Eleven
Daa yeig (day-yeg)  =  Twelve


Cre'n traa t'eh? (CREN-trer-tey)  =  What time is it?
Nane er y chlag (NEN-er-a-clag)  =  One o'clock
Jees er y chlag (JEES-er-a-clag)  =  Two o'clock
Tree er y chlag (TREE-er-a-clag)  =  Three o'clock
Kiare er y chlag (CARE-er-a-clag)  =  Four o'clock
Queig er y chlag (KWEG-er-a-clag)  =  Five o'clock
Shey er y chlag (SHAY-er-a-clag)  =  Six o'clock
Shiaght er y chlag (SHAKT-er-a-clag)  =  Seven o'clock
Hoght er y chlag  =  Eight o'clock
Nuy er y chlag (NIGH-er-a-clag)  =  Nine o'clock
Jeih er y chlag (j-EYE-er-a-clag)  =  Ten o'clock
Nane jeig er y chlag (NEN-jeg-er-a-clag)  =  Eleven o'clock
Daa yeig er y chlag (DAY-yeg-er-a-clag)  =  Twelve o'clock


Kerroo dys tree (KERROO-dis-tree)  =  Quarter to three
Kerroo lurg kiare (KERROO-loog-care)  = Quarter past four
Leih lurg queig (LEY-loog-kweg)  =  Half past five
Queig dys nuy (KWEG-dis-nigh)  =  Five to nine
Queig lurg shiaght (KWEG-loog-shakt)  =  Five past seven