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Useful Phrases

Learn to say good morning and other greetings.

Moghrey mie (MORR-a MY)  =  Good morning
Fastyr mie (FASS-ter MY)  =  Good afternoon / evening
Oie vie (ee-VY)  =  Goodnight
Kys t'ou? (kiss-TOW)  =  How are you?
Braew (brow)  =  fine
Mie dy liooar (MY-tha-L'YOOR)  =  well enough
Castreycair (KASS-tra-care)  =  middlin'
Goll as gaccan (gull as GAG un)  =  Goin' 'n' grumblin'
gura mie ayd (gurr-a-MY-edd)  =  thank you
Slane lhiat (slenn-L'YATT)  =  goodbye
Hee'm oo (HEE-m oo)  =  I'll see you
Cre'n ennym t'ort?  =  What is your name?
Ta'n ennym orrym  =  My name is ...........
Cre'n sliennoo t'ort?  =  What is your surname?
Ta'n slienno orrym  =  My surname is ..........
C'raad t'ou cummal? (crad-TOW-cummal)  =  Where do you live?
Ta mee cummal anyns (ta-mee-cummal-ANS)  =  I live in ........