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Local young fashion entrepreneur teams up with CRHS English students

by MT

Local young fashion entrepreneur teams up with CRHS English students

Laura Faulds, 23, Managing Director of online dress shop Love My Figure, Love My Fashion (LMF LMF) was recently invited to Castle Rushen High School (CRHS) to give a talk to A Level English students on the subject of creative writing.

Karen Maloney, Second in English at CRHS commented, “Laura’s talk was very useful in helping our students understand the role that creative writing can play in the work place and even when running your own business as a young entrepreneur.  Part of the students’ A Level exams require them to write to a given brief and hearing how Laura disciplines herself and draws inspiration from a variety of sources for the creative copy on her website and online blog provided a valuable insight for our students”.

Laura commented, “it was a lovely surprise to be asked to come and talk to the CRHS students.  In my line of business, having the ability to write engaging content to your customers and potential customers adds so much value to your business and also provides you with a way of communicating with your audience.  The transferability of creative writing skills from school into the workplace can often be undermined and I wanted to show the students how important it can be.”

Laura set a task to the students to come up with their own creative copy to be published on the LMF LMF fashion blog (  Laura added, “I was delighted at the response – the students even took it upon themselves to complete the task in their spare time and with no additional help from the English staff.  The students should be very pleased with their efforts”.    

When you picture yourself

When you picture yourself, what do you see?
Are you ashamed? Are you pleased?
Does the flash reveal your true image?
The true you.
Does the light discover normal everyday flaws?
People may try to develop,
Shift and change you.
Is that who you really want to be?
Suffocated by cosmetics,
Smothered in vanity -
Encased in this materialistic world.

By Jodie Swales and Elise Norris. 


Fashion is a release,
A form of expression,
A way to show who you are,
A judgemental person’s obsession.
Silently showing off,
Being who you really are,
All through an outfit choice,
You can take it far.
All by being silent,
And picking up a new dress,
You can express yourself,
And be judged much less.
But it doesn’t matter what they think,
Don’t change for boys or girls,
Express yourself as much as you like,
Show off them long hidden curls.
Style yourself how you like,
Dress how you feel,
Don’t dress to impress others,
Dress to be real.

By Ciara Morris

Photo shopping in the media

A morphed mask of dishonesty
darkens a face of purity -
true beauty disguised
under layered lies.
Innocence destroyed
along with a guilty confidence -
abortive sorrows drowna
a natural sense of reality,
erasing prominent features
that define identity.
Indoctrinated self-perception
lost in a mirror reflection -
disapproving glances
at a natural woman,
shatters society’s fragile mind.

By Becca Winter and Rachael Joynes

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