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Shops will be closed on Christmas Day says OFT

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Shops will be closed on Christmas Day says OFT

Shops will be closed on the Isle of Man on Christmas Day.

That’s the message from the Office of Fair Trading which says its been contacted by retailers and customers seeking clarification.

The Shops Act 2000 says that essentially every shop shall be closed for the serving of customers on Christmas Day.

A “shop” includes any premises, stall, vehicle or place in or from which any retail trade or business is carried on.

The “retail trade or business” includes the business of a barber or hairdresser, the sale of refreshments, the business of lending books, periodicals or other articles when carried on for the purposes of gain, and retail sales by auction.

This does not include:

(a) the sale of medicines and medical or surgical appliances at any premises registered under section 40 of the Medicines Act 2003; or

(b) the sale of refreshments to those residing in, dining at or otherwise making bona fide use of the facilities provided by, hotels, guest houses or restaurants; or

(c) the sale of programmes, catalogues and refreshments to those attending a production at a theatre, cinema or similar place of amusement.

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