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Nine year old sets litter picking example

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Nine year old sets litter picking example

A nine-year-old boy from the Isle of Man has spent his holidays litter picking after expressing his desire to clean up.

Harry Higgins asked for a £9 litterpicker for a Christmas present so that he could tackle the rubbish close to his home.

He was inspired by a visit to his school in Sulby by Beach Buddies and on Boxing Day set about tidying up the footpath alongside his home on the former steam railway line.

Bill Dale, founder of FIM Capital Beach Buddies, says: "This is just fantastic and exactly what we are trying to inspire, not just in the Isle of Man, but around the world.

"Harry has also inspired us too.

"We are now bringing forward an idea we’ve had for a while - to give out litterpickers to schools all over the Island.

"He is the perfect example of a young person who cares about the planet and nature and decided to do something after seeing evidence of the damage that litter is causing around the world.”

Beach Buddies has visited all the Island’s schools in the last 18 months and plans to keep returning every year to explain how the careless disposal of litter is killing animals and marine life and polluting oceans.

Bill added: "Schools are the number one priority for Beach Buddies. We have got to break this chain of mistaken belief that ‘someone else will pick up the rubbish’.

"Everyone knows there is a crisis in the oceans and it starts with rubbish in the playgrounds and parks, where all litter eventually ends up going down a drain, into the rivers, out to sea and eventually on the beach.

"Harry Higgins has set a fantastic example, and we know he’s not the only one as we’re told lots of children at Sulby School are doing the same, cleaning up paths and parks near their own homes.

"The Isle of Man's children and teachers are very aware of this problem, and their response to our talks this last year especially has been exceptional." 

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