Interviews: Elissa Morris

by 4th July 2015

Elissa Morris has joined the Department of Economic Development as e-Business Manager.


Isle of Man - Elissa Morris
Elissa Morris, e-Business Manager, Department of Economic Development
Congratulations on your new role, what are you most looking forward to the most?


Thank you very much. I am looking forward to working with people, and helping businesses whatever the size overcome obstacles, grow and flourish. It's very satisfying helping people succeed.


It's exciting bringing people and businesses together.


I am also looking forward to learning new skills and helping to create economic growth from a wider perspective.


Any advice for people looking to work in this area of business?


Get out there, network. Ask questions, learn. Everyday is a school day. You need to be passionate and enjoy what you are doing - Enthusiasm is infectious. 


In such a role, what strengths would you say are needed?


You need to have great communication skills and love to work in a social environment.


Building relationships are key, which comes hand in hand with networking, and meeting new people. Meeting new people anywhere - for instance, the obvious is at conferences, shows and events, but also outside of work - travelling, sports clubs, dinner parties.


This is a people to people job so you also need to be able to listen, listening is a skill that is often over-looked. You need to really understand the business requirements and challenges to help provide solutions. In the DED we work with different sectors as a team, to provide the best expertise to that business. As a business developer you need to work with different people (from both the Private and public sectors) and be able to make the appropriate introductions to the appropriate people.


Any technology you personally couldn't live without?


Google maps on the phone! It's so easy to navigate around London/Europe for meetings, and even reminds you when to leave for your next meeting if you are walking/tubing. It also tells you the times of transport. Before this app - I printed out all the maps and memorised streets!


I also like Strava - but that's for my competitive side!


Isle of Man - Toughmann


Outside of work, how do you like to relax?


I am very active - exercise is therapy. I like to do everything I possibly can and variety is the spice of life. I love to play netball, horse-ride, mountain bike, crossfit, KUTA along with long distance running and yoga.


Bring on Toughmann 2015!



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4th July 2015 8:10 pm.
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