My Weightloss Story

by 21st March 2015

Isle of Man - My Weight loss Story


20-year-old Ashley Convery has lost an amazing 8 stone this year. He tells us how he managed it and the difference it's made to his life.


You've gone from 21 stone to 13 stone in the space of just one year. What was the catalyst for this incredible weight loss?


The moment that triggered the start of my weight loss was when I saw a photograph of myself on holiday. It scared me - it made me actually realise how big I was, and I felt sick. I knew then that I had to change things.


Within an hour of seeing the photo I had my trainers on and took myself to the promenade for a run/jog, and since then I haven't looked back.


Name the everyday task that your weight impacted upon the most, and how it affected you.


When I was at my highest weight (19 stone), my weight stopped me from doing a lot of things, I was seriously unfit and even struggled with walking/jogging, and getting up and down the stairs. I was sad/down daily and had no confidence!


What would an average day's food intake be, both now and before the change in lifestyle?


Before & After Menu
Before & After Menu



What exercise do you do per week, and how do you fit it around your schedule?


Now I go to the gym 5-6 times a week. I am currently studying so can fit it in easily, but when I had a job it was a lot harder. I found the time because I was so determined, but it meant losing a lot of friends and my social life.


If you could offer one piece of advice to others struggling with their weight, what would it be?


Don't say that you will 'start on Monday'. As soon as you think about it, get up and get out for a run.


Whenever you feel down or struggling with the exercise, keep going - think of the end product!


What sweet treat could you never give up?


To start with I gave up everything; I swapped my old diet for purely salads, porridge, meat and vegetables. After a long while and when the weight started coming off, I would allow a treat every now and again...otherwise you crave it. For me that treat is a bit of chocolate.


Do you have any plans or aspirations now that wouldn't have been possible/you didn't feel confident enough to pursue before?


Since losing my 8 stone, I am now training to become a Level 2 Gym Instructor and a Level 3 Personal Trainer.


Why do you think you became overweight?


I have always been very overweight but I really gained weight when joining high school, as I was always eating large portions and fast food meals.


Do you think that more needs to be done on the Island to combat obesity?


I do think that a lot more needs to be done in schools, colleges etc. For example in cookery lessons they need to promote a more healthy range of food, and also show the students how easy it is to cook.


Which plan or guidelines do you follow, if any?


I didn't follow any guidelines, mainly because I could never stick to set out plans. I made my own, which seem to have worked - I lost eight stone within one year of starting. My main plan was to cut out everything bad, like sugars, fats, and bad carbohydrates. Instead my diet was mainly meat and salads.

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