The Hidden Element

by 15th November 2014

The Hidden Element


An exhibition of work by Anna Clucas is now on at The Isle Gallery, Tynwald Mills, St Johns.


We caught up with Anna to find out more.


How would you introduce your new exhibition "The Hidden Element"?

The Hidden Element is the light in the darkness which lifts you when adversity strikes.


Tell us about your journey to becoming an artist?


My art journey has been quite straightforward, as all I wanted to do was go to art college. I spent years at school not being able to work out why I never really fitted in to academia, so it was very exciting when I found myself with like-minded artists, talking and learning about the old masters and researching their paintings. I had spent three years at the Isle of Man Art College and then completed three years at the University of Wolverhampton. Having graduated in 2000, it took me a few years through travelling and working to settle back on the Isle of Man again. My first artist residency was at the Courtyard Gallery, Tynwald Mills in 2005/6, it was this that helped launch my contemporary paintings into the Manx art scene. It is also where I met an abundance of creative and talented artists with whom I am still in close contact with today. In 2013 I held my first international exhibition in Copenhagen, Denmark and then six months later southern Sweden.

Being an artist in residence again at the Isle Gallery, Tynwald Mills, St Johns has been a wonderful experience and I can actually say that I am living my dream, despite the ripped and holey clothes. 


What inspires you?


I have embarked on some travelling off the beaten track so absorbing the cultures and country's colours have played a large part in inspiring a fair few of my exhibitions. Music also helps feed the creativity, I have very eclectic tastes in music and art as it helps not being trapped into one genre. It's important to be able to accept all types of creative expression. My personal life has not been so straightforward just like most people, but I have found that painting, as an outlet has helped me to breakdown and understand an array of difficult emotions. I do know however that I would not be able to achieve it if I didn't have all the above ingredients. 


If you could meet with one someone alive or dead who would it be?


This is such a difficult question! Initially when I read this question I thought, easy,  but I found I could not choose just one someone. After listing down my top 20 it took me a while to narrow it down to 3. Eventually I chose my one someone, Joseph Mallard William Turner. I would like to thank Turner for continuously inspiring me to paint the way I do. It's his atmospheric landscapes and seascapes that draw you into the painting, empathising with his Impressionism. Controversial in his day, it is the master of light that ultimately helps me strive to continuously break the boundaries. 


What are your hopes for the future?


Who knows what the future holds, I just only hope it involves a lot of painting :) 



Where can we find out more about you and your work?


You can keep up to date about my work and me on my website and with any luck I shall be found at the Isle Gallery curating exhibitions and working with the artists for the foreseeable future.


The Hidden Element - An exhibition of works by Anna Clucas. 4th December - 3rd January.  The Isle Gallery, Tynwald Mills, St Johns.  Opening Hours are Wednesday to Saturday 1pm to 5pm and Sunday 2pm to 5pm.

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