Newly published Souvenir guidebook of Castle Rushen. £ 25

by Stuart Quayle 26th January 2023

For sale: A newly published, souvenir guidebook to Castle Rushen, in softback, A4 format, full colour, and running to 113 pages of highly detailed information about the castle, the Lords of Mann and the people who lived and worked there. This book is illustrated with the wonderful photography of Stephen Corran. In my book you can discover:


When the first simple castle on the site was built and how it developed over time,


Why a Viking King of Man with connections to the English Royal Court and a great English Lord may have built it,


Who is the most likely Master Mason in the late 14th century to have greatly expanded and added to the fortress for the Lord of Man and what he was up to elsewhere,


Why are the Montagues so famous, what did they do, where did they fight and what is their connection to Castle Rushen,


Who was the gatekeeper of Castle Rushen in 1428 and who beat him up!


How the counterpoise or cantilever-type drawbridge to the Great tower worked (cutting-edge technology for its day),


The thickness of the limestone walls in the Central tower;


Why the three guardrooms to the entrance of this tower are so very well designed to defend the castle, what is an "Oubliette" and which poor soul may have been put thrown into one to suffer,


What happened to the high official who punished him,


Why the garrison soldiers had to be careful of the well inside the castle courtyard,


Why the medieval Captain of the Guard from the village of Hulton, Lancashire was a man to be feared and obeyed, and what his soldiers were getting up to,


Who has been keeping watch on visitors to the Granary (Second Information Room) for over 700 years, and where to find him in the room,


A detailed look at the 21 medieval mythical beasts depicted inside the Lord's bedroom and what they have to tell him,


A detailed look at the noble Stanleys and the families they married into.


Why Lord Ferdinando Stanley, wouldn't thank you for a mushroom!

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