Art Oil/Acrylic Canvas Boards, Brushes and Paints: Job Lot £ 100

by Stephen 7th April 2024

Condition: N/A

Around 140 canvas boards, including some mounted stretched canvas, numerous oil painting brushes, disposable tear-off palette sheets - some unopened.

A member of my wife's family was a gifted painter and we inherited many of his unused art materials on his passing. They have been stored carefully and some are in their original unopened packages. These canvas boards and brushes are high quality and even though they are old, they are going for a bargain price for someone who is a serious oil or acrylic painter.

All boards would do with applying a coat of Gesso before being used, so that markings that come with age can be easily obliterated.

The paints are manufactured by Cobra and Georgian mixable oil paints in 37 ml tubes. Most tubes have hardly been used. I purchased these over a year ago and they are in excellent condition - no hardening of paint at all.

The paint brushes are used and some hardly at all - there must be nearly 100 brushes here - a real bargain. Some brushes are highly specialised - very large and perhaps not easy to get nowadays.

We are clearing and want a quick sale with no hassle for £100.00. We are not prepared to come down on this price as the materials are high quality and you would be hard pressed to find such a bargain. Please note that we do not accept part offers - everything must be taken as one Joblot.

Tel 249332


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