Ayres Visitor Centre and Nature Trail

The Ayres Visitor Centre will re-open on Saturday, May 13th for its annual season.

The Visitor Centre houses exhibits and displays portraying the diversity of the wildlife found at the Ayres and a short film beautifully illustrates some of the natural highlights of the surrounding area.

Visitors can purchase cold drinks and snacks or books, maps, cards and gifts and a "sightings board" provides a guide to what has been seen on the reserve each week. 

Enjoy great views of diving gannets, seals and other wildlife by using  the viewing platform.

Mid-May into June is a wonderful time for visitors to enjoy the Ayres. The heath becomes a natural garden, adorned by the white-slightly pink flowers of the burnet rose with fragrant orchids - smelling of vanilla - and early purple orchids on the heath and pyramidal orchids near the dunes.

Please be mindful of nesting birds on the beach. Signs will mark areas on the beach where people and dogs are forbidden.

When: Saturday, 13 May, 2:00-5:00pm

Where: Ayre Visitor Centre

Cost: Free, donations gratefully received.

Venue: Ayres National Nature Reserve

Start Date: 13-05-2017 @ 14:00

Duration: 3:0 (Hours:Minutes)