"Luminance" - Exhibition at the Sayle Gallery


The work of three Island photographers exploring form and landscape with light:

Simon Park
Mike Radcliffe
Julian Simmonds
With the advent of digital photography and social media, where photographs are easily shared, many of us are used to seeing wonderful photographic images every day. However, we often consume these images on the tiny screen of a mobile device and many exceptional images race by in a form where they are less appreciable and have little impact. This new exhibition at the Sayle shows the work of three Manx photographers and will show some of their images at a large scale on the gallery walls, where their full impact can be appreciated and enjoyed.

The Isle of Man is often talked about as having 'amazing light' that inspires generations of artists. Light is of course the source of all photography and it is perhaps no surprise that there are so many talented and inspired photographers on our small isle.

The three photographers in this exhibition have begun their practice on the Isle of Man but have also travelled to seek extraordinary light elsewhere. Simon Park is particularly interested in natural form sculpted by both the elements and by natural light falling upon it. Simon has recently travelled to photograph strange land formations in desert areas but equally enjoys making images of our own weather torn landscapes at home or indeed, studies of small natural fragments, such as gnarled wood pieces which come to life as beautiful sculptures when isolated and lit.

Julian and Mike have both travelled with their cameras as well as continuing their photography closer to home. Both men have spent time in Scandinavia capturing nature's greatest light show, the Northern Lights. Julian has had the enviable task of being paid to live in the magical arctic landscape, charged with taking people on tours to see the Aurora. Some of these images from further afield will be displayed alongside wonderful images of places and things we know and love here on the Isle of Man.

Venue: The Sayle Gallery

Start Date: 25-11-2017 @