FREE 15 minutes chats with registered dietitian & clinical nutrionist MS Shem Allanson

To introduce this new service Shem will be holding a number of

**** FREE 15 minute chats ****

on the morning of Wednesday 29th September and also the morning of Monday 2nd October.

Shem has over 30 years of experience working within the nutrition and dietetic field and covers every area of adult nutrition. She specialises in gut and bowel disorders, and autoimmune diseases including coeliac disease.

If you would like to book a (no obligation) free chat, please telephone 896126 (after 6 pm) or send a text message to 407208. She will get back to you.

Know anyone who might benefit from this service? Please pass the information on!


Venue: Douglas

Start Date: 02-10-2017 @