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Beauty and the Beast

Peel Pantoloons present Beauty and the Beast.

There was some good, old-fashioned festive fun, at the Centenary Centre just before Christmas when Peel Pantoloons presented  an old fashioned favourite Beauty and the Beast.


Directed by Mel Read and Lisa Mellor, the Pantoloons brought to life a traditional, but updated panto from the pen of prolific scriptwriter Alan Frayn. Firmly established as one of the most popular present-day pantomime writers, his adaptability and originality has attracted a worldwide audience with his new generation of funny, but original scripts.


The hard-working cast transported their audience  to the French seaside village of Franglais-sur-Mer, where resided the aptly named wicked enchantress Belladonna, plotting her evil scheme for the returning Prince Danton. Some of the villagers, particularly Monsieur Alphonse and his daughters Belle, Ermengarde, Esmerelda and Elfreda, were unwittingly swept into the plot as the spirit of the Rose Fairy battled against the dreaded Belladonna.


Valerie Caine
© December 2016

(Courtesy of North Western Chronicle)