English Folk Group Faustus bring in the crowds at the Centenary Centre.

The Manx debut of the folk band Faustus at the Centenary Centre in Peel proved beyond doubt how English folk music has evolved in recent years, as the all-male line-up produced a seemingly endless supply of songs and tunes which left the capacity audience gasping for more.


Judging by  everyone's reaction the devil had a busy night, as we all sold our souls for the pleasure of listening to a range of music which criss-crossed a number of English counties and devolved seamlessly to an Island which rejoices in its own unique musical heritage.


Benji Kirkpatrick, Saul Rose and Paul Sartin are also involved with a number of well-known groups (Waterson:Carthy, Whapweazel, Seth Lakeman Band, Bellowhead and Belshazzar's Feast), but their combined efforts as Faustus released a powerful expression of emotion; taking dyed in the wool songs and making them very much their own.


Their professionalism and dedication to the genre shone through as a beacon in the wilderness, rending asunder the historical image of English folk music and launching a thoroughly contemporary expression of some classical compositions.


But prior to their performance, the evening kicked off with local singer/songwriter Greg Joughin, who presented a selection of retrospective arrangements which lingered sensitively on some of the more poignant aspects of life.


Well known for his long-term association with The Mollag Band, on this occasion Greg was working as a solo artiste which gave members of the audience an opportunity to hear his self-penned work from  an unadorned perspective.
Valerie Caine
© March 2015