Alex Maughold


'Nun Stop' Comedy at the Centenary Centre.

NunFactor II promised something a little different at the Centenary Centre, and that's exactly what the audience got as they followed the exploits of the Little Sisters of Perpetual Help.


With nuns in abundance, Trish Fargher's musical production ensured 'nun stop' comedy as we trekked (metaphorically speaking) across Europe to the fictitious International Nun Camp. Along the way, the 'Little Sisters' paid a visit to a French convent to watch a new, international music competition, and it's here that some of the nuns are not quite what they seem.


Trish developed the plot around the distinctively unusual song competition, which revealed a selection of nuns who hankered for something different in their lives and one or two who looked distinctly masculine!


As the story progressed, the laughter rose exponentially, as did the successful ad-libbing.


Some of the highlights involved a spirited rendition of Riverdance and the hilarious attempts to gather in the votes of the European juries for the song competition, which brought the house down.


With the winner of the competition finally revealed, together with the unmasking of an international thief, this quirky, musical comedy reached its successful conclusion.

Valerie Caine
© September 2015

NunFactor is set to return to the Centenary Centre in February 2016.