Prologue EP


Article by Valerie Caine regarding a new album by local duo David Kilgallon and Russell Gilmour.

The debut CD of Manx duo Chronicles, aptly titled Prologue, is a musical preview of their forthcoming album, featuring new compositions inspired by the thirteenth century manuscript The Chronicles of the Kings of Mann and the Isles; pushing the boundaries of music in new directions and revealing what can be achieved by thinking outside conventional structures.

Multi-instrumentalist, David Kilgallon, is well-known in traditional music circles and has a passion for combining music and heritage, whilst Russell Gilmour, a graduate of the Royal College of Music with a distinction in the Master of Music in Historical Performance course, is also in demand as a freelance musician.

Prologue EP

The unusual combination of organ and trumpet challenges the stereotypical approach as they take a selection of Manx and Swedish tunes, explore beneath the surface and set about adapting them in an exciting multi-cultural fusion and interpretation; with individual influences cleverly incorporated into these stimulating new arrangements.

There's a subtle beauty in the ebb and flow of their compositions, with the dominance of the organ tempered by the distinctive sound of the trumpet, creating a unique blend and opening new areas within the world of music.

The organ installed at St George's Church in Douglas by Harrison and Harrison, specialist organ builders of Durham, was used for this recording with production by Anglin Buttimore.

A short video on YouTube gives a further insight into what Chronicles hopes to achieve.  The video can be viewed here:

Prologue can be purchased from the Chronicles website priced at £5.

Acknowledgement - Courtesy of Manx Tails

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