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History in Heels

History in Heels Unlocked at the House of Manannan.

Labyrinth: History in Heels Unlocked, was the latest theatrical production by the Labyrinth: History in Action Players, which this year used the House of Manannan as a backdrop to tell some of the stories of women from Manx history.

LHi H Happy Holidays Cast

This immersive concept was the conclusion of the History in Heels project, providing an introduction to the true stories of women; occasionally employing a little poetic licence.

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They came from a varied background, reflecting what life was like for the common woman in lowly circumstance, through to some empowering individuals who used their assertiveness to improve the lives of others.

LHi H The Moral Of Douglas

The History in Action Players is a group of local, amateur actors, who developed the theme with a light-hearted approach, as members of the audience meandered amongst the tableaux at the House of Manannan; led by Community Outreach and Learning Support Officer, Katie King.

LHi H Organist

Entering each new stage with this fast moving production brought further insight into these women's lives, although not all led an existence of valour and distinction.

LHi H Fast Women 2

It was a spirited performance from a small group of adaptable performers, who not only changed costume in quick succession, but character.

LHi H Viking Women

Although a modern, expressive and fast-paced production, involving moderate participation by members of the audience, the performance served to remind us how life has improved for women in the twenty first century on the Isle of Man. But clearly there's no room for procrastination.

(Photos courtesy of Manx National Heritage)

Valerie Caine
© November 2015