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How to work the Manx weather on your wedding day.

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The Manx weather can only be described as changeable. We know that experiencing all four seasons in one day is fairly normal, but how do you cope with our eclectic weather when it's your wedding day? The answer is to embrace it. It doesn't matter how many times you check the weather forecast, if it's going to rain it's going to rain and there is nothing you can do about it. But don't feel glum, allow us to show you some great ideas on how to embrace the weather and still have a fantastic day!

Did you know that rain on your wedding day is considered to be good luck by the Swedes, Russians and Germans? In France they believe that the more rain that falls the more blessed the marriage will be.

Still not convinced? The Italians even have a proverb about it, "sposa bagnata, sposa fortunata" which means, a wet bride is a lucky bride. So on that note let's start with uses for the humble umbrella.

"Is it raining? I hadn't noticed."

Pack a brolly or two, or maybe even one for everyone. Regardless of the time of year, if you are going to be spending time outdoors on your Isle of Man wedding day then have at least one umbrella on standby for you to use. If you're having photos taken away from the main wedding party then consider having a white or clear umbrella with you that you can both fit under. If it does rain, your photographer could capture some gorgeous photos like these. Not all bad eh?

Manx Weather Isle Of Man Wedding

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Have umbrellas as wedding favours you know people will actually use after the wedding. This would be especially handy if your guests will be outside for photos or waiting for transport to or from the venue. With a little customising with a sharpie you could have a great thank you card too.

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Don't leave your bridesmaids and best-men out, have some colour coordinated umbrella fun whether it rains or not! You could even use parasols or umbrellas as a unique photo backdrop.

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Manx Weather Isle Of Man Wedding 7

Winter warmers

If you're having a winter wedding keep your guests cosy during your ceremony with small blankets or cute little hand-warmers.

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Here comes the sun

If you're confident that the sun will be out in full force try using pretty parasols to keep you and your guests cool and comfortable.

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Manx summertime can often be fleeting but when it does appear it can be glorious. So don't leave your guests suffering on a hot summer's day, turn your order of service into a fan for a quirky and useful addition to the day. If there's going to be outdoor space for you and your guests to use think about having a box of summertime essentials filled with shades, sun creams and insect repellent for your guests to use.

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Manx weather Isle of Man wedding

Whether you're prepared and don a pair of wellies for your wedding or get caught out and throw a jacket over your heads (or just get soaked) - may your marriage be a lucky one!

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