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Chris Gray

Local singer-songwriter Chris Gray took time out to answer our questions whilst holidaying in beautiful Singapore...

... it's alright for some!!

Who is your biggest musical influence?

Chris Gray Guitar EPK-150x 150Well I've been influenced by many over the years, I'd have to say The Beatles are probably my main influence, followed by Noel Gallagher and Bob Dylan's songwriting. 
You have supported some big names such as Roger Daltrey, Peter Green and Feeder.  Who have you enjoyed meeting the most and why?

I was very fortunate to support Roger Daltrey when he visited the Island and after the show went out for some drinks with his band. It was there I met Simon Townshend, he's a great guy, fantastic musician/songwriter and has been very supportive of my music. I opened up for him at The Ealing Club, London too, we had a great time, brilliant memories and we still keep in touch. 
Chris Gray Mic EPK-150x 150If you could have written one song what would it have been?

Ah, good question! I often think, 'Wish I'd written that!'  I would have to say 'Georgia' by Ray Charles - although this would probably change tomorrow, it's a hard one to answer, so many great songs to choose from isn't there. Also, Happy Birthday, think of all the royalties! 
What is your favourite guitar and why?

My Guild acoustic (Gad 30). Just love the look and sound of it, would be lost without it and have written some of my favourite songs on it too.

Chris Gray Band EPK-150x 150If you could be one person for a day, musical or otherwise, who would it be?

I don't think I'd like to be anyone else to be honest, It's hard enough being Chris Gray!

What's next for Chris Gray?

Playing at Amber on 17th May, debut album being released on the Sunn Creative label around summer time, hopefully some more UK gig dates later in the year. 

Want to find out more about Chris? Following him on Facebook or Twitter @ChrisGrayIOM or check out his videos on YouTube.