Nula Perren

Nula Perren

The Best of Me... Nula Perren is the owner of the Lady Chauffeurs, a female driver-only late night chauffeur service.

We operate a though the door service every time, either by bringing someone home after a very late night out, we will see them into the house, or taking someone who is normally house-bound shopping for food and clothes, helping them try on and taking them home, unpacking and even calling the family to let them know all is well.

I love my job. What's not to love making new friends every day?  Everyone has a story, it's all so interesting you never know who's getting in your car, a billionaire or a pensioner, it's great

Nula Perren

Best meal (cooked by you or another):

I love eating out all over the Isle of Man. The Manx local produce is amazing but my husband is a great cook and when he's home does the cooking. He really knows his wine too so we have wonderful candle lit evenings in.

Best outfit or single item of clothing:

My Sarah Lennon cape and Franchessca scarf. They're my trademark now!

Best memory:

My wedding day: my lovely Simon standing there with his big blue eyes and Anita Baker singing 'giving you the best that I've got!' as I walked down the aisle. It still gives me goose bumps and moves me to tears even 10 years on.

Best way to spend the day:

Sad I know but I love my job!

Staying with someone though a hospital appointment or shopping with someone is so rewarding, but my Friday and Saturday nights are just crazy fun nights moving my lovely clients around the Isle of Man in search of fun. You can't help but pick up on the happy vibe and the hours just whizz by.

Best advice:

Don't worry, be happy.

Best place in the Isle of Man:

Anywhere in the Isle of Man is good for me. I love it all, sunny or not, the beauty is there even when the waves are crashing and the rains lashing down .

The Best of Me feature first appears in the Manx Advertiser.