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General cleaning and professional carpet cleaning services on the Isle of Man
Queen of Clean is a family run professional cleaning company that offer services such as residential cleaning, domestic cleaning, spring cleaning, deep cleaning, commercial cleaning, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, rug cleaning and many more. We have a full liability insurance for any jobs we carry out and a small team, who are fully trained and uniformed.

Queen of Clean IOM features a number of cleaning services that include:

1) Residential and Domestic Sanitation

If a clean house is what you’re after, then you should immediately give Queen of Clean a call. That’s because they have domestic sanitation services that will be carried out by fully-insured and extensively-trained individuals that will leave your house looking pristine. Whether it is on a one-off or a regular schedule, Queen of Clean will be more than happy to help you with your house cleaning needs.

2) Deep Cleaning

If you need deep cleaning services, then get in touch with Queen of Clean as they have capable, reliable and experienced cleaners that will get down and dirty to make sure that all those hard to reach areas are scrubbed spotless and completely sanitised.

3) Commercial Cleaning

Nobody in his or her right mind would want to do business in a dirty and grimy commercial space. And so, it only makes sense for you to hook up with the Queen of Clean. Our commercial cleaning services will stop at nothing to leave you with anything but an immaculately clean space that customers will be talking about!

4) End and Start of Tenancy Cleaning Services

A tenant leaving and a another one potentially moving in need not be complicated, not when you have Queen of Clean onsite to help you deal with all your cleaning needs. Our skilled and experienced cleaning professionals are committed to helping tenants get their deposit by making sure that the place they are moving out of is cleaned spotless. Landlords also stand to benefit from start of tenancy cleaning services as our staff will work diligently to make sure the property is suitable for any potential tenant.

5) One-Off Cleaning

Queen of Clean has one-off cleaning services that can help tidy up your place if you don’t want to commit to a regular cleaning schedule. Our expertly-trained and experienced cleaning staff can come over to your place and clean it from top to bottom to leave you with premises that are spotless and neat. Whether it’s cleaning the bathroom up to polishing surfaces and scrubbing appliances, Queen of Clean’s one-off cleaning services can easily take care of all those things.

6) Carpet Cleaning

In spite of how careful you are with managing your carpet, it is unquestionable that these would get untidy and as time goes on, look tired and out of date. As hard as you attempt to vacuum your carpet on a consistent basis, we are aware of how drab and tedious this task is. Luckily, Queen of Clean can get you out of doing such a tiresome undertaking with our first rate carpet cleaning services that will leave your carpet looking and feeling new.

7) Upholstery Cleaning

Your furniture goes through a lot of use on a daily basis. And so, you shouldn’t be surprised if after a few months, what was brand new is now looking a little drab and soiled. Whether it’s because of food spillage, moisture or just the everyday wear and tear, all these can play a part in your upholstery getting dirty. Luckily, Queen of Clean's upholstery cleaning services can turn things around for your upholstery and make it look and feel new again.

8) Spot & Stain Removal

Don’t freak out if your child accidentally spills the spaghetti onto the sofa. Don’t Nor should you curse the heavens if your husband spills some wine on the upholstery. The fact is: accidents will happen no matter how careful you are your furniture’s surface. And if those mishaps do occur, don’t worry as Queen of Clean has spot & stain removal services that can completely remove any stains from any surface.

  • Residential and Domestic Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning