Lewis Bateson Centre for Personal and Family Development

Belvedere House, The Promenade, Port St Mary, Isle of Man, IM9 5DE | Directions
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I went to see Dianne to get rid of a phobia I had carried around for 35 years of my life, She sorted it out in 2 sessions. I didn't really need the second I just didn't believe it could go that quick so went back just in case. A little miracle worker!"
S B, Castletown

Provides Independent Therapy, Training and Independent Social Services to individuals, children and families.


The Lewis Bateson Centre is an association of professional therapists, psychologists and Independent social workers providing a one stop centre for both Personal and Family Development, Therapeutic Services and Independent Social work services and Training for the Isle of Man.


- Independent Social Services

- Therapeutic Services

- Grief Recovery Methods

- Training