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Learn to swim with Brainwaves, private adult swimming lessons, classes are tailored to suit you and achieve the ultimate goal, learning to swim.

- Become a confident swimmer by understanding how to work with water.
- Adult Swimming Lessons - book your class and learn to swim.
- Breathe. Float. Glide.

Do you feel frightened at the thought of being in water?
Maybe you’ve simply never learned to swim?
Or are you considering adult swimming lessons to improve your technique?

We often refer to water as a “body”. As a water psychology coach, I believe water also has a personality. It’s a living being, interacting with everything and everyone that makes contact with it.

That’s why my adult swimming lessons are much more than learning technique. To move freely through water, you first need to understand how water works.

As a water psychology coach, my coaching focuses on how your body and brain interact with water and how water interacts with you. In a 1:1 lesson, you’ll learn to:

- Relax rather than fight water.
- Breathe out slowly in water.
- Move through the water with ease.
- Be mindful while swimming.

All swimming lessons take place in a private pool, removing any embarrassment of public pool lessons. Your fears and dreams are listened to, and you'll be coached to become the best you can be.

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