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Innovative ‘Bridge the Gap’ Project

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A new charity, Bridge the Gap (BtG), is working to improve facilities and support in the Isle of Man for teenagers and young people with complex...

Islanders Top Holiday Destination Figures Revealed

POSTED yesterday at 10:05 am

Isle of Man travel agency Richmond and Mann Link Travel have revealed the top 10 most popular holiday destinations islanders travelled to in 2016 based on booking figures.  Excluding the UK the top destination was Spain, followed by Italy Portugal and the USA:1)      UK2)      Spain3)      Italy4)      Portugal5)      USA6)      Greece7)      Australia8)      Republic of Ireland9)      Germany 10)   France11)   CroatiaOverall Europe remains the most popular place for local residents to spend their holidays however there has also been a healthy number of bookings to USA too.  This mirrors the UK where Spain was the most popular destination with over 4.2m UK passengers last year according to industry figures, followed by the Balearic Islands...

Official opening for Manx Credit Union

POSTED Fri last week

The Manx Credit Union has held its official opening yesterday (Thursday 19th January 2017) at the credit union’s offices on North Quay, Douglas. It is the first credit union to be set up on the Isle of Man and offers an alternative and ethical way for local people to save and borrow money.Formed as a financial co-operative and run by volunteers who give their time freely, the Manx Credit Union is only open to residents of the Isle of Man (its “common bond”*). Members join by opening a share savings account which allows them to save regularly up to £5,000 in total and also gives them a say in the running of the credit union. Once they have become a regular saver, members can apply for a low-cost loan.Unlike mainstream banks, credit unions...

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