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Renewable energy: wind farms update

POSTED yesterday at 4:02 pm by Paul Moulton
Renewable energy: wind farms update

Independent lobbyist for renewable energy Dr Henry Uniacke gives his reaction to the the questions being asked about wind farms in Tynwald on Tuesday.You can watch this interview currently only on YouTubeUltra HD/4K: read more »

Bollywood coming to the Island

POSTED yesterday at 7:16 am by Paul Moulton
Bollywood coming to the Island

Indian film actor, film producer and former model John Abraham is set to film his next major Bollywood film on the Island and will feature the TT. Peter Duke tells us more.YouTube Ultra HD/4K: read more »

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TT 2019: Mountain Road goes one way

POSTED today at 12:00 am by Paul Moulton

As the Mountain Road prepares to go one way for the TT festival. Sergeant Jamie Tomlinson explains some changes to the layout at the Creg na Bar and the use of special undercover police bikes. YouTube Ultra HD/4K:

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