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MHK questions government action on fast food

POSTED today at 9:30 am by TH
MHK questions government action on fast food

What action is government taking to reduce litter from fast food outlets? Middle MHK Bill Shimmins will quiz the Environment, Food and Agriculture Minister in Tynwald this week. The sitting gets underway tomorrow. He’ll also ask Geoffrey Boot whether he supports the provision of more fast food... read more »

Police try to trace people using social media

POSTED today at 9:29 am by TH
Police try to trace people using social media

Police are trying to identify three people captured in CCTV which they’ve posted to social media. Officers haven’t said what it’s in connection with but say they need to trace the two men and a woman. Anyone who knows who they are is asked to contact Police Headquarters on 631212. read more »

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IoM UN Association: Model Security Council meeting

POSTED today at 12:00 am by Paul Moulton

The Isle of Man United Nations Association held a Model Security Council meeting in the Baroole Suiite on Friday. The event, hosted by Tynwald, was made up from all the Islands sixth form students with the task of considering a resolution on the matter of Palestine and Israel. YouTube Ultra HD/4K:

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