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News RSS feeds

The latest news via RSS feed

What is RSS?
RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. An RSS feed is a live data service that allows you to be kept up to date in real time with information that interests you. Our news RSS feeds displays a news headline, short description of the report and a link to read the full story on our website.

How do I follow a feed?
To receive RSS feeds you will either need to download some RSS news reader software, or your web browser (e.g Internet Explorer) or email software (e.g. Microsoft Outlook) may already have RSS reader capability. Otherwise Google Reader is a free RSS reader service and allows you to combine our RSS feeds with those from any other website, creating your own tailored news service. Other RSS readers are available by searching 'RSS reader' in any search engine.

What feeds from can I follow?
We currently offer RSS feeds for Local News, Sports News and Business News. Click on the RSS links below, then use the 'Subscribe' options provided by your chosen RSS reader service or copy the feed URL into your chosen RSS reader to automate feed updates. Local News RSS Feed Sports News RSS Feed Business News RSS Feed