Lhergy Frissell & Claughbane Glen

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Ramsey, Isle of Man, | Directions

Follow the winding path through Lhergy Frissell in Ramsey to find Albert Tower


Either side of Elfin Glen, are Claughbane and Lhergy Frissell and a footpath links all three glens together, making a combined area of 64 acres.


Access is by car or on foot from Ramsey.


Lhergy Frissell is named after the Frissell family, a branch of the Scottish clan of Frazer.  It consists of 16 acres and is divided into two parts by the TT Course.  A winding path leads you to the Albert Tower.


Claughbane is predominantly coniferous and it has been worked as a commercial plantation for many years.  These woods are noted for the variety of small migrant songbirds that nest here during the summer months.


Just below is a disused slate quarry and slate from here was used in the construction of the Albert Tower, which stands just south of Lhergy Frissell.


The Albert Tower


This monument was erected to commemorate the visit to Ramsey of Prince Albert and Queen Victoria on the 20th September 1847.  The Queen remained on the Royal Yacht in Ramsey Bay whilst the Prince climbed to the top of the hill to admire the magnificent views looking out over Ramsey and beyond.


[Source: Manx Glens - A stroll through history]


[Acknowledgement: Suzanne Cubbon]