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Axnfell is an excellent picnic spot with views which stretch up to the TT Course


Axnfell is on the steep north facing slopes of Glen Roy.  It has an area of 36 hectares.  It was planted in the years 1951, 1967 and 1985, the main species of trees being Japanese Larch and Sitka Spruce.  The car park at its entrance has an excellent picnic site overlooking Glen Roy and Baldhoon, and views stretch right up to Windy Corner on the TT course.  Access for timber extraction within the plantation is poor resulting in the non thinning of trees on the lower slopes; however it is hoped that in the future the lower slopes may be further converted to broadleaved trees.


Mighty Oak Hospice Appeal
A lady by the name of Joan Radcliffe who lost her husband to cancer, planted an oak sapling in Axnfell Plantation.  Just before Mr Radcliffe died, he planted an acorn and it started to grow.  Mrs Radcliffe had a party, to celebrate her husbands life and the planting of the sapling, with all their friends, This raised over £100 for the Mighty Oak Hospice Appeal which was set up to raise funds for a new hospice.


[Source: Manx Glens - A stroll through history]


[Acknowledgement: Suzanne Cubbon]