Jurby Stone Cross

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St. Patrick Church, Ballavarran Rd, Jurby, Isle of Man, | Directions

Sigurd's Cross, Jurby

(Pictured Top Left)


This cross depicts the legend of the great hero, Sigurd. In his quest for the gold of Hreidmar, Sigurd has to overcome Hreidmar's son - the dragon Fafnir.


Sigurd digs pits to catch the dragon's blood, and hides in one of them until Fafnir passes overhead. Then he strikes upward with his magic sword, Gram, and kills the dragon.

But Fafnir's brother, who has been Sigurd's companion and mentor, secretly wants his friend to die. He advises Sigurd to roast and eat the dragon's heart, and in the process the young hero tastes the blood of the dragon.

Immediately he is able to understand the language of birds, one of which tells him of the plan to kill him and seize the gold.


Cross Fragment, Jurby

(Pictured Top Middle)


Only a fragment of this cross was found in the churchyard at Jurby. The side shown here has a plait and ring with pelleted bands on the rings. The space to the right of the shaft shows a boar and a stag.


On the left side is a robed figure with a beard carrying a trident. Below this are two figures, one wearing a buttoned tunic and carrying a pole over his shoulder from which hangs a smaller figure.


Heimdall's Cross, Jurby

(Pictured Top Right)


The top of this cross carries a male figure with a horn, and above him a raven. The figure is probably that of Heimdall, Warder of the Gods, who dwells at the foot of the rainbow leading from earth to Asgard.

As the Warder of the Gods, Heimdall has the Galler-Horn (Giallar) which is kept at the roots of the Sacred Tree - Yggdrasil.He will blow the horn to summon the Gods to the last great battle.

Yggdrasil is represented here by the cross of Christ.