Lonan Stone Cross

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Kirk Lonan, Church Rd., Lonan, Isle of Man, IM4 | Directions

Wheel-headed Cross-slab and socket stone

Height: 5'7"
Width:  3'


This imposing cross-slab remains in what is probably its original position, in the churchyard of the old keeill. This differs from all of the other Lonan crosses, which are displayed in a purpose-built shelter in a corner of the churchyard.

It has stood for perhaps eleven hundred years and is decorated with interlaced knots and plaits - made from a remarkable nineteen different strands.


The socket, into which the base of the cross is inserted and which supports it, is cut into a rough slab of slate. A trip to the churchyard would provide a rare opportunity to see a Manx cross in its original form.

Mrs Richards notes that:

"..this splendid leaning cross in its beautiful and peaceful surroundings is well worth a visit. Only one side is carved and is rather weathered. It shows a Celtic cross and circle. Across the shaft are four sunken plaits of three and four alternatively. The cross is made up of approximately nineteen straps, making it difficult to decipher. It is however a very splendid piece of carving."