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by 2nd May 2022

Isle of Man - Postal Service


The Post Office provides much more than stamps to the local community.


The Island's Post Office became independent of the British Post Office in 1973 and provides a comprehensive, efficient range of services which are similar to those in the UK, and geared to the finance sector.




All letter mail posted locally is treated as first class. Outgoing letters are sent by charter aircraft daily throughout the week enabling next day delivery in the UK. Parcels and large packages of up to 30 kg are conveyed in and out of the Island daily by sea.


Other Services


The Post Office also offers a considerable number of ancillary services such as Courier Services, International Business Reply, Freepost, Business Reply, Private Boxes (PO Box No.), Redirection and a Callers Service.


A Keepsafe Service is available, where the Post Office holds mail for up to 3 months whilst individuals are away, and then delivers it on a requested date. Alternatively ePostbox allows users to securely view their mail online using any PC or smartphone.


Business Community


A comprehensive Mailroom Service - Integrated Mailing Solutions (IMS) - was introduced some years ago and provides valuable support to the business community. It includes collecting data, printing, folding, enveloping and mailing,


Payments and Licenses


The Post Office Counters network provides banking services for various local banks, and facilitates payments and receipts of telephone, electricity, government and local authority rates and bills.


Encashment facilities for government cheques, pensions and other benefits are also dealt with by the Post Office,  and it is responsible for issuing television, motor vehicle, dog and fishing licenses.


Manx Stamps


The Isle of Man Post Office has, since its formation in 1973, issued distinctive Manx stamps by the Philatelic Bureau.  Past, current and future issues are available online via their website  



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