Riding in the TT Races

by 18th May 2022


Famously sung by George Formby in the TT film 'No Limits' nearly 80 years ago.


Written and composed by Harry Gifford and Fred E. Cliffe.

If there's one thing that I like, it's riding around on a motor-bike.
I'm a speed king, when I once begin.
I once won first prize two and six, I know all the dirt track dirty tricks.
I'm a marvel when I'm out to win.
In a fifty mile race I am the best, I ride five miles and skid the rest.

(Chorus): So come along and see me riding in the T.T. races.
Easier than hop scotch, beating all the top notch aces.

I've been riding all my life, I started quite small.
I've ridden fairy cycles, aye, and scooters and all.
Hear the people cheer me when they see me steering backwards.
Down the hill I go at break-neck speed,
See me coming down the street with the winning post on the pillion seat.
Oh! Come along and see me riding in the T.T. races.


Once my bike was hard to ride, but I didn't mind.
Until I found they'd hitched a charabanc on behind.
Everybody's scaring, I am such a daring rider.
My inside rattles when I go the pace.
My ribs begin to shake about, there's all my spare parts sticking out.
So come along and see me riding in the T.T. races.



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18th May 2022 2:08 am.
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