Manx Songs, Rhymes & Prayers

by 19th, May 2022, 01:14pm

Isle of Man - Manx songs, rhymes and prayers


Manx culture has a rich arts history, including songs, rhyms and prayers.


The Island has its own National Anthem and celebrates an ancient festival on the 31st October known as Hop-Tu-Naa.



  Discover Some of Our Songs, Rhymes and Prayers


Isle of Man National Anthem

The National Anthem in both Manx and English.

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Hop Tu Naa: The Song

Various versions of the Hop-Tu-Naa song are sung whilst celebrating the festival.

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Lord's Prayer

The Lord's Prayer in both English and Manx.

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The Laxey Wheel Song

Written and composed by Stuart Slack.

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Riding in the TT Races

Famously sung by George Formby in the TT film 'No Limits' nearly 80 years ago.

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Ben Ma Chree

'Ben ma chree', Manx for 'girl of my heart', is an old Manx song with English lyrics.

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