Dying Matters

by 17th May 2015

Dying Matters is the national week when people are asked to Talk, Plan and Live Their Lives. They are also asked to think about what will happen, and how their affairs will be managed, after they die bearing in mind that death sometimes comes suddenly, without warning, as the result of an accident or illness.


Often the family are left behind to deal with problems that if the family had talked and planned for their death the bereavement process would have been easier all round.


The hash tag for social media is You Only Die Once which as we know is true - it is one of life's certainties!


On the Island a group has come together from Hospice Isle of Man and Cruse Bereavement Care to make this week a local event.


The launch of this week will be held on Monday 18th May at the Sea Terminal in Douglas where lots of information will be available to the public. This will run from 2pm-4pm. Thereafter the team and all their information will visit Thie Rosien in Port Erin on Tuesday 19th; Ramsey Town Hall (during Hospice drop in day) on Wednesday 20th May; and Thursday 21st May will see the team at the Western Swimming Pool in Peel. They will be available from 11am-1pm on each of these days.


The week will wrap up with an Awareness Day on Friday 22nd May at the Education and Training Centre, Keyll Darree beside Noble's Hospital. This event will be open to the public and healthcare professionals from 9.15am-4pm. There is a wide range of workshops, discussions and presentations during this day. See full details of this day can be found on the Hospice Isle of Man's website.


This week will hopefully engage and enable the Manx public to Talk, Plan and Live their lives in a positive way knowing they will be helping their families deal with what is left behind.

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17th May 2015 1:56 am.
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