Mark Higgins

by Lisa Corkish 8th June 2014


Mark came back to the Island this TT to successfully beat his 2011 record around the TT course in a car!


Mark, you are returning this TT to attempt to beat your previous record of the fastest lap around around the TT course. Any differences in the car or tactics this time?


The car is the latest Subaru Impreza so a completely new car and challenge.  The spec is the same in terms of based around a standard car with safety equipment, roll cage etc and suspension to help on the bumps.  Also a noisy exhaust to hear us coming!!


As a manxie you must know the course very well.  Do you need a co-driver with pace notes on the attempt?


A co-driver would be useful but unfortunately the extra weight does not help the speed so I have to keep learning it with videos.


It's a very different place at 150mph plus so only real practice is when you're able to drive at full speed with the road closed, so I'm learning every lap and looking forward to my 4th closed lap on Saturday.


Do you have a favourite section of the course?


Not Bray Hill!!!  It's always nice coming over the mountain, it's all amazing and a real honour to have the full course closed for one car.


Will you be staying to take in some of the actual TT racing and fun of the festival?


I'm here for the full two weeks with the family, the kids love it here and it's great to be part of the TT, there is nothing like it anywhere in the world and I have a lot of good bike friends.


You are best known as a rally driver but have you ever tried racing motorbikes?


I currently have a 1000 GSX R from the TAS Suzuki team which I do some track days on, I also have enduro bikes.


I love my bikes and have massive respect for all the riders.  I'm definitely better and safer with 4 wheels though!!


The bikes give me a massive buzz and I will be heading to Spain when my schedule slows down.


You were nominated for a Taurus World Stunt award after featuring in the amazing opening car-chase scene in the Quantum of Solace Bond movie.  That must of been an amazing experience for you, how did it come about?


The films have been a great experience, I was lucky enough to win the Taurus for Skyfall and was nominated twice for Fast and Furious 6 which was a busy film for me driving most of the lead cars.  It's very different to rallying as the driving part is the easiest part, it's making the rest work for the camera.


What has been the highlight of your career so far?


I honestly must say driving around the TT course on my own, I have had a great career so far and still very lucky to be competing in China and Europe this year.  There are many highlights, the first British championship and the Manx ally wins are right up there.

Posted by Yabsta
8th June 2014 7:45 pm.
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