Snow go for Manx Sport

by Isle of Man Listing Owner 4th March 2006
Today's sporting programme is expected to suffer very badly. The Isle of Man Football Association has postponed all this afternoon's senior fixtures. However, Ramsey players are asked to attend a training session at Ballacloan Stadium at two o'clock. All of this morning's Junior Club training sessions have been cancelled, as have all of tomorrow morning's Junior Football League matches, as the forecast is for more freezing conditions overnight. The Manx Hockey Association has postponed all of today's matches.....a decision about tomorrow's cup matches will be made in the morning. In Rugby, a pitch inspection at Warrington has resulted in this afternoon's EuroManx South Lancashire and Cheshire Division One game for Vagabonds being postponed. A decision about the Division Three game at Port-e-Chee between Douglas and Moore will be made prior to Kick-off by the referee and two captains. Three of today's Manx Shield games are off - Castletown v Vagabonds "B", Northern Spaniards v Douglas "B" and Western Vikings v Ramsey "A". No news yet about the other game - Vagabonds "C" v Southern Nomads. The dressage at Conrhenny is OFF. One event outdoors which is going ahead is the Rally based at Jurby Airfield - however, changes have had to be made. All stages are cancelled except for three runs at Jurby. That should finish at around 1.35pm and that will be that! And two events - both indoors - which are going ahead: The Badminton under 19s championship at the NSC will begin at 11.30, and the Isle of Man Gymnastics Association grades and levels assessments at the Glencrutchery Road headquarters will go ahead as the judges are flying in as planned.
Saturday 4th, March 2006 11:52pm.

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