Lag ny Keeilley

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Dalby Mountain Moorland Nature Reserve, A27 Eary Cushlin, Patrick, Isle of Man , | Directions

Set on a platform and difficult to access, the keeill hasn't been used since the early 19th century.


Lag ny Keeilley (Hollow of the Chapel) is set on a ledge forming a small natural platform on the western face of Cronk-ny-Arrey-Laa. 

It can be reached via an old pack-horse road through Eary Cushlin - the walk is 1 mile.


It is truly a spectatular site - probably chosen as on a clear day it is about the only position from which one can seen both St Patrick's Isle at Peel and also another Patrician site in Ireland.


The burial ground contains stone-lined lintel graves, and some very simple slate crosses have been found.


The First Archaeological report states that:

The ledge can be reached by boat, but the landing - a mile and three-quarters south of Dalby beach - can only be effected within about an hour of high water on a calm day, and the upward climb of about 200 ft. is steep and not easy.


The proper mode of access is by the old pack-horse road through Eary Cushlin, which passes onto the Sloc by foot tracks, and so to the south of the Island. This roadway in itself is of great interest as the best existing survival of our pack-horse ways before the modern system of highroads.


The latest funeral to pass this way appears to have been little over a century ago [ie. c.1800] , as it was remembered by an aged parishioner born and brought up at Eary Cushlin, who went to her rest some forty years ago at the venerable age of ninety.


The body, wrapped in a winding-sheet, was strapped on the back of the old mare, supported by the "burliagh" or bundle of straw which served for a saddle, and the horse was led down the long track to the little Burial ground surrounding the ruined keeill.


Photo: kevin rothwell / Lag ny Keeilley, Keeill on Cronk ny Arrey Laa