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Port St Mary, Isle of Man, | Directions

The village takes its name from the Chapel of St Mary which overlooks the Chapel Bay with a sheltered beach and excellent sands


Port St Mary is the English form of the Gaelic Keill Moirrey, more commonly referred to as Purt-le-Moirrey.  The village takes its name from the Chapel of St Mary which overlooks Chapel Bay.  Clustered around the harbour are old Manx cottages - thatched roofs having long ago given way to Manx slate - transporting the visitor back in time to a more relaxed way of life.  The newer part of Port St Mary lies above the sandy beaches of Chapel Bay where generations of children have learned to swim and to build their first sand castles.  A marine walk over the rocks leads to the harbour area.


The village of Port St Mary has a population of 1,957 and was once a major centre of the Island's fishing industry with its own boatyards.  Fish processing still continues but Port St Mary has now become a favourite centre for yachting, with access at all states of the tide.  The Isle of Man Yacht Club has its modern headquarters here.


One of the finest of all cliff walks leads southwards from Port St Mary to the Calf of Man, passing the Chasms, impressive deep fissures in the cliffs.  The Calf of Man is accessible from 'The Port' and magnificent views of the spectacular cliffs, with myriads of sea birds, can be gained from the sea.


Acknowledgement: "Isle of Man Scenic Guide" by The Manx Experience


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Photo - Courtesy of Ron Strathdee.