Banking Services

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Isle of Man - Banking


Banking in the Isle of Man is regulated by the Financial Supervision Commission.


Banking Services


The majority of banks in the Isle of Man are engaged in providing private banking services to expatriates of the United Kingdom and to foreign nationals.


The services offered by banks often extend beyond deposit taking to establishing and administering trusts and managing the underlying companies and assets held by those trusts, including investment management.


A significant array of wealth management solutions have evolved to meet a growing demand.


Corporate and institutional clients, such as captive insurance companies, life assurance companies and fund managers all require sophisticated banking services - particularly in the money markets. This has led to an expansion in the continuing growth in the provision of such services.




The main piece of legislation administered by the Financial Supervision Commission is the Financial Services Act 2008 (and the Collective Investment Schemes Act, if applicable).


Licence categories:

Class 1 - Deposit taking
Class 2 - Investment Business
Class 3 - Services to Collective Investment Schemes
Class 4 - Corporate Services
Class 5 - Trust Services
Class 6 - e-money
Class 7 - Management or Administration
Class 8 - Money Transmission Services


Banking Licences


The licensing policy that the Commission adopts for banks is based upon the fact that the Island has no lender of last resort, and is too small to shoulder high risk or start-up operations.



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